Remote Monitoring Solutions

for vapor intrusion liability peace of mind.

Around-the-Clock Vapor Intrusion Remote Monitoring

Vapor Sentinel provides the latest in remote telemetric monitoring technology to provide around-the-clock data collection and reporting. You’ll always know your mitigation systems are performing correctly and building occupants aren’t being exposed to harmful VOCs.  Less risk, less cost, and more data collection for your peace of mind – welcome to Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring. 

24/7/365 Performance Monitoring & Data Collection

User-Defined Alert Notifications

Secure Cloud-Based Data Portal

Customizable Reporting & Data Export

A world where your sites are monitored more, for less.

Each of the components communicate with one central controller to provide the most economical approach to ensuring vapor mitigation systems are functioning correctly. The components of the system are able to be customized to meet the specific requirements of any project, providing the most efficient and effective solution for managing ongoing long-term stewardship obligations.

The Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring System is a game-changer for our clients seeking to gain closure on contaminated sites and to help satisfy continuing obligations to maintain CERCLA liability defenses.

Vapor Intrusion Remote Monitoring - for new or previously installed mitigation systems.

Whatever your project needs, our remote monitoring solution provides a more efficient and effective solution for managing long-term risk and liability on your impacted chemical vapor intrusion sites. Our devices can be installed on any mitigation system, whether new or previously installed.

Take a tour through the Vapor Sentinel cloud-based data portal.

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