Our People

Kyle Hoylman

Founder and Managing Partner

Jeff Sims

Founder and Partner, Construction Services

Chris Bonniwell, Ph.D

Director, Products

Chris Heckle

Director, New Construction

Jennifer Sims

Director, Consulting Services

Keith Hoylman

Director, Technical Services

Hope Jantzen-Williams​

Director, Business Operations

Chris Ferguson

Product Manager

Greg Lauer

Commercial Project Manager

Lisa Lopp

Multifamily Project Manager

Maurice Quill​

Resource Manager

Laura Williamson​

Office Manager

Greg Turner

Residential Project Manager

Doug Webster​

Residential Field Manager

Erika Carroll

Senior Marketing Specialist

Brian Bailey

Technical Services Specialist

Suzanne Schaff​

Project Coordinator

Kella Smith​

Administrative Coordinator

Addie Woodruff​

Project Coordinator

Winnie Cheuvront​

Project Coordinator

Jordan Stephens

Marketing Content Coordinator

Gerald Raizor​

System Administrator

Tara Hubbard​

Construction Project Coordinator

Stacey Winkler​

Field Professional

Brandi Jones​

Software Developer

Tony Meredith​

Field Professional

Josh Ackerman​

Field Professional

Stephen Berger​

Field Professional

Corey Soutra​

Field Professional

Travis Fowler​

Field Professional

Zach Probus​

Field Professional

Leon Ukwishaka​

Field Professional

Steven Grigson​

Field Professional

Brian Priddy

Field Professional

Don Lear

Field Professional

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