Commercial Vapor Intrusion Services

Commercial Vapor Intrusion Services

Chemical Vapor Intrusion and Liability

Chemical vapor intrusion occurs when toxic soil gases find their way into buildings through cracks in the foundation and water sources. There are regulatory standards in place that require you to take action on dangerous chemical vapors in your buildings as they are a threat to those who live or work there. As part of keeping your stakeholders safe, know that you are working with the most trusted partner in chemical vapor intrusion investigation, mitigation, and monitoring. Protect Environmental is the leading certified expert in the field and possesses the knowledge and experience to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to quality and efficiency.

Chemical Vapor Intrusion Investigation

To effectively develop a solution to your chemical vapor intrusion problem sites, you must have an accurate and reliable understanding of the issue at hand. Testing accurately and looking for chemical sources is an important step to resolving your chemical VI cases effectively. Protect Environmental provides expert chemical VI investigation services. You can trust us with the big stuff – the integrity of investigative results. By providing you with accurate data, we can work together toward an effective solution for each building that will keep you in front of liability and best practices.

Chemical Vapor Intrusion Mitigation or Remediation

Every case is unique, meaning our approach must be too. With accurate investigative results, we work with you to develop the best game plan for mitigation or remediation. Our priority is to make your building safe without compromising on efficiency and quality. Our certified Protect Professionals are equipped to complete the mitigation project in a timely manner, providing expert service every step of the way. Our certified team uses the best materials to ensure your chemical VI mitigation system keeps your buildings, and stakeholders, protected for years to come.

Chemical Vapor Intrusion System Maintenance and Monitoring

Upon installing your system, it is important that it continues to function properly. Although our certified Protect Professionals are diligent to correctly install your system, there is still an obligation to maintain it. Like any other machine, there is the chance that the equipment malfunctions and vacuum or power loss occurs. Regulatory requirements are in place to ensure the original chemical VI problem is being resolved. In the past, the process of monitoring your problem sites was costly, timely, and only gathered a limited amount of data.
Protect Environmental’s proprietary patented technology, the Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring System is a continuous, 24/7/365 real-time monitor that can be attached to any new or existing mitigation system. This technology is a better solution to monitoring your chemical VI problem sites. For more information, visit

New Constuction

Protect your new construction project against chemical vapor intrusion from the ground up. We offer products and services to ensure the safety of your buildings for years to come. Your trusted Protect professionals are skilled in installation of new construction products and work to efficiently and effectively accomplish the job with your deadlines in mind. Let’s get started on your new construction project today.